Real glass mosaic mirror tiles on a flexible backing. A fabulous tried and tested easy fix real mirror wall covering. For night clubs, pubs, shop fitting. In fact anywhere.

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A unique product from the UK

We are the only manufacturers and suppliers of Mirrorflex. This product can be used just about everywhere and anywhere. On walls, ceiling's, kitchens, splash backs, bathrooms, clubs, Dance studios, art installation's, pubs, film sets, on , concert halls, TV presentations including 'Changing Rooms', 'Eastenders', 'Coronation Street', 'Evita', 'The Grimleys', 'The John Lennon Story', 'The Buddy holly Story','The X factor','The League of Gentlemen' and 'Dinotopia' 'Strictly come dancing', 'Dancing on ice' including numerous night clubs and bars like Tiger Tiger and Shops as Hed Kandi and commercial displays and in many prestigious homes

The only limit to this products use is the imagination

Clean cut and glitzy. These versatile sheets, with their flexible backing can be used on large flat areas, or convex/concave surfaces. Grout is not needed. Single strips can be cut and applied as borders to shelf edges, frames etc. Simple to fix, easy to cut, impressive results can be achieved from the simplest craft projects to covering an entire wall Sheets of mirror tiles add dimension and reflection when used behind shelves and in alcoves.


Key points

  • As easy or easier to fix as wall papering.
  • Very fast installation.
  • Simply peel off the backing and fit.
  • Can be used on convex surfaces.
  • Can be used on slightly concave surfaces
  • Real glass.
  • Easy to clean if it ever needs cleaning.
  • As it is mainly on a vertical surface then does not collect dirt but if it does the simple to clean.
  • Easily cut to any size and almost any shape.

Technical Questions

What is MirrorFlex?

Real mirrored glass bonded to a flexible self adhesive sheet. Available in sheets 30 x 30cm for easy handling. 11 sheets per meter, Tile size choose from 25mm or 50 mm tiles on the sheet. The sheets can simply be cut to size and their flexibility enables them to be fitted round pillars and curves and any convex surfaces. No grout is needed.

How do I cut it?

Just cut to size between the tiles with a craft knife by folding the sheet back on itself and cut with a sharp blade. You can use all the off cuts as they will marry back together perfectly so virtually no waste. If you need to cut the mirror tiles themselves on the sheet its easy as the glass is very thin so anyone who has used a glass cutter would find it an easy job. These versatile sheets, with their flexible backing can be used on large flat or convex surfaces. Workable around light switches/power sockets etc. Impressive results can be achieved from the simplest craft project to covering an entire wall. What is the advantage of these over other mirror tiles? Ease of fixing so very fast installation is a key factor and almost Anyone can do it. Unlike conventional tiles that have to be painstakingly fixed individual and then grouted these sheets simply need to be put on the wall and that's it. No grouting or clean up necessary.

Tried and tested product?

This great product has been around for a long time. In fact since 1946 where it started to be used for display stands at jewelers and opticians. Since then it has found 1000's of uses and is being rediscovered now using 21 century technology. There has been extensive testing over the years so this product can be guaranteed for a long life You can always call for technical help

Cost trade become a supplier

Please get in touch if you would like to be a distributor of this product just call us. We are happy to send out samples to be assured that it is suitable for you to distribute. We have great terms and this product sells itself.

Packaging and transport

We have been transporting this product for years. Securely packaged easy and safe transport. How do I work out how much I need 11.1 sheets per square meter ( 10 square feet) Simple just email or phone the size or sizes of the area you wish to cover and we will work it out for you and the price for your project.


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